FELICS- Free European Life-science Information and Computational Services

FELICS is a four-partner project to organise and release a complete range of biomolecular information upon which European life-science research depends. Two partners (EBI and SIB) will create and provide such public-domain databases. A third partner (University of Cologne – Year 1 of project, Technical University of Braunschweig – Years 2 to 5) will be funded to release its BRENDA enzyme database into the public domain. A fourth partner (European Patent Office) will ensure inclusion of patent biomolecular information, and support for people performing patent-related database searches.

FELICS encompasses a detailed collection of joint research activities which will develop and enhance the databases’ content and interoperability. Most of the work will be carried out in the first three years, although the complete redefinition of the BRENDA business model will cover the entire five years.

FELICS supports networking activities to manage the project and ensure seamless interconnection between information resources. Connections to the wider community will be facilitated through two Commission-funded Networks of Excellence: BioSapiens and EMBRACE.

FELICS will enhance and extend the ability of the EBI to provide a wide range of electronic transnational access to all the information.